Ranking Every Gintama Opening! (21-1)

So I’m on record multiple times stating that Gintama has one of the best soundtracks I’ve heard and it has THE single best collection of openings period. So many of these songs to me are iconic, catchy, have amazing visuals, and sound amazing. So, just like with black clover, I wanted to rank them in my order from worst to best. Just like the last list, I’ll be taking into account the song, the visuals, and also the episodes that the openings covered. Cause lets face it, there might be an op on here that gets the edge over others mainly because of its association with the episodes it appeared on, and that’s fine.

A Fun Detour – Gintama: Slip Arc (Season 6) Anime Review

It took me a lot longer than I would’ve liked but another season of Gintama down and the conclusion creeps ever more closely. I had opted to watch this season after season 8 because the momentum Gintama was on was ridiculous starting with the Shogun Assassination, arc and I wanted to just plow through it. With that being said, like always, I loved this season. Mainly comprised of multi-part comedy arcs it was very enjoyable through and through.

Continued Greatness – Gintama: Silver Soul Arc Second Half War (Season 8) Anime Review

This season is another great Gintama season. This was the finale to the major conflict that’s been brewing these past few seasons while also being the beginning of the epilogue. With that, there’s a lot of laughs, emotions, hype moments, and by the end, I just have this feeling of bitter-sweetness that this amazing anime is almost over.

Almost Perfect Mix – Gintama: Silver Soul Arc (Season 7) Anime Review

So I announced in my new podcast a few days ago that I was gonna skip the slip arc and move onto the silver soul arc. Just to stay on the timeline, and I’ll eventually come back around to the slip arc. But man, this arc is really good. All my gripes about animation last season, pretty much out the window and the comedy was on point.

Still Going Strong – Gintama. (Season 5) Anime Review

Coming off the best season of Gintama yet. This season had me very excited to see where it was going to go. A lot of questions were raised last season. What’s Utsuro’s backstory? Hows is the political climate in Edo after the last arc? The status of Shinsunke and the Harusame. Among others. This season answered those questions and many more while also answering questions from way back and season 1 and tying a lot of things together for the story. All while keeping that same Gintama charm. As always with these, spoiler alert.

New Heights – Gintama° (Season 4) Anime Review

As I’ve gotten older I’ve sort of found it hard to watch more than maybe 3-5 episodes of anime in one sitting. I usually just get tired or just feel like I want to do something else regardless of how good it is. Which is the complete opposite of when I was a Freshman in High-School coming home and watching HxH until the next school day. It got to the point where my friends were worried about where I’d been after school lol. But I have other aspects of my life that I’m interested in doing throughout the day that takes time away from me watching anime. It took me like a month to watch the remaining 150ish episodes of Gintama s1. It took me I think a little over two weeks to watch s2. I just finished s4 in barely 8 days. And on top of that In less than two days I watched the last 20ish episodes. I couldn’t keep myself away from watching this. In the last part of this season, Gintama reaches a new high that I knew was possible for this show but I was still enamored and awestruck by it. Just like my previous Gintama reviews, this will be heavy on the spoilers also I’ll try to keep this as short as possible but uh there’s so much to talk about with just the last 16 episodes alone that this review will belong.

Gintama’s Best Yet – Gintama: The Final Chapter – Be Forever Yorozuya Anime Review

This movie is awesome. The first movie was a really good retelling of the Benizakura arc. But getting something new and fresh adapted in movie quality was a joy. Funny enough, scenes from this movie were used as a gag in the previous season just like the first season did with the Benizakura movie. At this point, I should just expect every movie gag to eventually come true. But I said in my original Gintama review that while the anime does parody pop culture a lot, it gets to a point where it parodies itself probably even more. This movie is heavy on self-parody and I loved it. So excuse while I gush over this movie for a bunch of paragraphs.

Keeps Getting Better! – Gintama: Enchousen (Season 3) Anime Review

I don’t know if my allergies are starting to get to me but there were a lot puffy eyes watching this season. There’s no mistaking by this point that I love Gintama. I feel like it’s all but solidified itself as my favorite anime ever with only a few contending for that title. This season was the best so far. In 13 episodes there were three phenomenal arcs. All three added a lot to the overall story, characters and introduce a major new conflict. And I really want to talk about all three individually cause at this point these reviews aren’t really spoiler-free. If you somehow haven’t watched Gintama yet these reviews going forward (well really since the movie review) aren’t the place to start. We’re getting pretty deep into the series I want to sort of deep dive into all these moments in a little more detail.