The Gem of 2021 – Odd Taxi Anime Review

“Eccentric and blunt, the walrus Hiroshi Odokawa lives a relatively normal life. He drives a taxi for a living, and there he meets several unique individuals: the jobless Taichi Kabasawa who is dead-set on going viral, the mysterious nurse Miho Shirakawa, the struggling comedic duo “Homo Sapiens,” and Dobu, a well-known delinquent. But Odokawa’s simpleContinue reading “The Gem of 2021 – Odd Taxi Anime Review”

Super Interesting Fantasy – Shadows House Anime Review

“The Shadows, characterized by their pitch-black appearance and tendency to emit soot when agitated, are a family of nobles who reside in a colossal manor deep within the mountains far from other humans. When a Shadow child is nearly of-age, they are assigned a Living Doll who acts not only as their attendant but alsoContinue reading “Super Interesting Fantasy – Shadows House Anime Review”

Slow Start but Worth It – Joran: The Princess of Snow & Blood Review

“In 1931, the Tokugawa Shogunate remains in power, marking the 64th year of the Meiji era. Holding a monopoly over the newly discovered “Dragon Vein,” the government is leading Japan toward an advanced Edo period. During this time, an elite force of executioners called “Nue” is tasked with defending the Shogunate from a rebel institutionContinue reading “Slow Start but Worth It – Joran: The Princess of Snow & Blood Review”

An Interesting War Story – 86 Anime Review

Taking a small break in-between my Gintama watching spree. I’ve had this anime on my radar for a few months now. It was somewhere on my list of anime I was personally looking forward too during the Spring season (it was #6 actually! and you can check that list out here). Being 11 episodes, it was perfect timing to watch it now. And um, it was good.

Beloved for a Reason – Spirited Away Anime Review

It took me way too long to finally watch this movie. Seeing as I’m in the midst of watching all of Gintama (which is phenomenal btw) I kinda needed to take a break and I didn’t want to post only one blog post this month so I decided to watch a so-called classic. And to me, it really did live up to the classic and highly acclaimed status that is accumulated through the years. Spirited Away was a beautiful and refreshing experience.

I Wanted to Love This – Yasuke Anime Review

So I don’t know if I speak for a majority of people but certainly, I and a good bunch of people never knew the story of Yasuke. I was scrolling down twitter last summer before I came across a post talking about him and how there was gonna be a movie adaptation maybe starring Chadwick Bosman (May he rest in peace). It really piqued my interest. A black slave in Japan who rose up to become a samurai is a great story to tell. So when it was confirmed that not only is a live-action movie coming out but an anime on Netflix by MAPPA would be too? Hell yeah, I was so excited for this show. Until I saw the trailer. Then I started to get a little worried about the direction of the story and the English voice acting. Unfortunately, my worries came to be.

Almost Great – Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Anime Review

I really wanted to love this season. I’ve been really invested in this series as a whole for weeks now and this season was looking to be the best yet. In most regards that is true, yes this is the best season that this series has to offer so far. I’m really glad that’s the case a very underwhelming movie that released before this. The end of Season 2 and Dead Apple built a lot of hype around Dostoyevsky and what he was scheming. That build-up kind of pays off, but as with other seasons there are flaws here that bog down the whole experience. And that almost makes this season more annoying to talk about because it was so close to being great.

A Cool Concept & Great Execution – Bungou Stray Dogs S1 Anime Review

Bungo Stray Dogs is a fun one. I vividly remember watching and enjoying this when it first aired back in 2016. I wanted to catch up on the whole series so far. So I decided to do a quick rewatch. This show is still as enjoyable now as it was 5 years ago (2016 being 5 years ago seems insane). And the same annoyances that I remember and that the show got memed for are still meme-worthy now.

Something Special – Black Clover Anime Review

Black Clover has had a wild ride. From shaky production circumstances that resulted in a sub-par product in the beginning. To the Immense hate for Asta and the whole show in general. But through all the turmoil Black Clover has managed to rise to the ranks and surpass its limits. Becoming a beloved anime that fans tuned in to every Tuesday for 3 1/2 years. For me, Black Clover holds a very special place in my heart. At a not-so-great time in my life a few years ago. I found great pleasure and ease when I got to chance to watch two particular anime. Those being Black Clover and One Piece. It was late 2018 at the time and Black Clover had almost about 50 or so episodes under its belt. Those first 50 admittedly had very rough patches. But there was always a bright spot among them. Yeah, Asta’s screaming was annoying but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand why he does it and eventually love how much he pumps himself up. Yeah, the animation was/is real rough a lot of times. But when a big fight comes up. It is always some of the best animated and hype scenes of whichever year it airs. Under all the bad, this show from the beginning has been something special. I say all this here to preface the rest of this review. I’m going to be kind of harsh on a fair amount of things about this show. But this show will always be special to me. So much so I can easily look beyond those flaws and love this show regardless. But flaws are flaws and they should be talked about so I will nonetheless.

15 Spring 2021 Anime to Look Forward To!

It’s crazy how quickly Spring is coming upon us. It feels like just yesterday the Winter anime season started. Fall 2020 gave us Jujutsu Kaisen, another Haikyuu!! season, Akudama Drive, and many other strong sequels and first-time shows. Followed up by one of the most hyped anime seasons. Winter 2021 hit hard with Attack on Titan: The Final Season, Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, and many other great shows. It’s looking like this upcoming anime season is going to be pretty good in its own right. Particularly this season looks very strong with first season anime. I’m very excited to see how a lot of these shows shape up. So today I’m going to count down the 15 anime that I’m personally going to be keeping an eye on this season! This list isn’t in any hard order, but the anime closer to the top I’m definitely going to watch. Either while it’s airing or binge it afterward. Enjoy!