20 Fall 2021 Anime To Look Forward To!

The best anime season pretty much every year without fail is here. Starting from early October until the end of the year there is a lot of anime that I’m very much looking forward to watching. From Chainsawman to the more underrated shows like Ranking of Kings. This year is looking to end off withContinue reading “20 Fall 2021 Anime To Look Forward To!”

A Fun Murder Mystery – Danganronpa: The Animation Anime Review

I honestly don’t know how I came across this show but I’m pretty glad I did. 12 to 13 episodes are usually the sweet spot for anime. Most of the series that I’ve watched pace themselves and use those episodes well. It’s good for a nice binge and that definitely goes for Danganronpa. A whacky murder mystery is one of my favorite genres to watch. I haven’t watched one in a while so I kind of had an itch for one. Danganronpa scratched that itch and even surprised me in some aspects.