Opinion Pieces

  • Food in Anime – It Looks Delicious.
    I’ve been watching anime for over a decade now. There’s one simple truth when it comes to this form of media. No matter the show. No matter how good or bad the animation. No matter the genre. The food in that anime will look like it was handcrafted by God himself. It can honestly beContinue reading “Food in Anime – It Looks Delicious.”
  • Is There More?? – When Anime Just End
    I wish this was anime specific but I think we all know the feeling when a show, game, anime, movie series, hell even maybe a YouTube series that you love gets stuck in hiatus hell seemingly never to be finished. I mean frankly, it hurts. It sucks to get invested in a world and beContinue reading “Is There More?? – When Anime Just End”
  • Bad Adaptations – What makes an Adaptation Bad??
    So in my new podcast, I ranted about bad adaptations. And I wanted to talk more in-depth about what really constitutes a bad adaptation and then in turn what anime have bad adaptations. I’ve started a few times that I believe anime (or animation in general) is the greatest form of art there is. Now that’s another post for another day, but my take on that boils down to it consisting of so many forms of art while also having the freedom of creativity of animation and art style. So it’s always a great time when a popular manga or someone’s favorite manga gets announced to have an adaptation on the way. Until the studio is revealed and its Pierrot. I think it goes without being said that there’s a difference between a bad adaptation and just flat-out bad anime. So what makes an adaptations bad and what are some bad adaptations?
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