Top 10 Best Fights Ranked in Naruto Shippuden!

The Naruto series has the most well choreographed and animated fights in anime history. While the animation of the show is always good, when the fight scenes come up Studio Perriot just turns it up a few notches and really knocks it out of the park. On this list I’m going to go in order of what I think are the best fights in Naruto Shippuden along with some honorable mentions. Feel free to comment down below your opinions and list! I’ll be making a follow list for Naruto and maybe Boruto soon. Oh and spoilers ahead if you somehow haven’t finished Shippuden.

OP Done Right – The Misfit of Demon Academy Anime Review

The Misfit of Demon Academy is one of my favorite shows of 2020. I love a good ole fun over powered character just as much as the next guy. While some shows don’t really execute the concept of having overpowered characters all that well, The Misfit of Demon Academy takes everything that makes op fun and plays right into all of the tropes of the genre. Harem? Check. Comedy? Check. Characters not really believing the main character is op throughout the whole show? Check. Great action scenes? Check. This show plays up all it’s strengths to perfection. The best way to describe it is that the show takes itself to seriously that it plays up the irony of the situations to the max and I loved every second of it.

Top 10 Underrated Anime You Should Watch Next Time You Need to Binge!

Every year we get a plethora of anime airing during all four seasons. There are always standouts and hyped shows, your Attack on Titans, My Hero’s, ect etc. So there are bound to be some anime that go under the radar, that many don’t watch. So today I’m run down some of the most underrated anime that I’ve seen that you should watch and deserve more recognition! Expect more in-depth reviews of these series down the road. This list isn’t in any particular order, but the anime towards the top are definitely must watches!

Who’s the Strongest JoJo?? – All JoJos Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!

The Joestar bloodline is full of strong, powerful, and very masculine men ( I mean look at young Joseph and part 3 Jotaro, some big dudes). With a wide range of abilities ,when it comes to stands and hamon, all of the Joestars are powerful in their own right and are arguably the most powerful characters in their respective part of the series. But today I’m here to rank them among each other from weakest to strongest! Only ranking from part 1 – part 5, all Joestars count for this list (wink wink). Obviously spoilers ahead so beware if you aren’t caught up with at least the anime of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

It’s Alright – Irregular at Magic High School Anime Review

The Irregular at Magic High school is a show in a genre that I like to call power fantasy. Misfit of Demon King Academy, SAO, Mob Pyscho 100, and One Punch Man are birds of the same feather to some extent. Now this genre of show is very fun and interesting when done right. Mob Psycho, One Punch Man, and Misfit of Demon King Academy wear the genre on their sleeve and incorporate a lot of comedy and heartfelt moments to make us empathize with the characters. SAO takes a more serious route, which isn’t bad, but can definitely rub people the wrong way. The main complaint about this genre is: “If the main character is op. Then there are no stakes. So why should I care?” While a very valid point these shows can (keyword here cause they don’t always) offer a lot more. In the case of Irregular at Magic High, it doesn’t really offer that much more to start but as it progresses, this show starts to show a fair amount of promise.

A Classic Remade – Dororo Anime Review

Dororo was one of the best shows to air in 2019 and one of my personal favorites of the year. Based on a very old manga written by Osamu Tezuka and serialized between August 1967 and July 1968. The series was turned into a 26 episode series in 1969, a live action film in 2007, a remake of the manga written by the original author, which then finally turned into our 2019 series by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions.

The Start of the Bizarre Adventure – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 & 2 Anime Review

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the 2012 adaptation of Hirohiko Araki’s wonderfully, shall I say for lack of a better word, bizarre manga. Season one sets up almost everything that their is to love about JoJo. The completely over the top characters, events, motivations, Araki’s love and appreciation of western culture and its music, a very creative and well thought out power system. While most would say that the first half of season 1 is the weakest part of JoJo, and I agree to some extent, the foundation for future seasons is set up very well here and a strong foundation makes for a strong series.