Still Great – Gintama’ (Season 2) Anime Review

Another 51 episodes down the hatch. After taking a year off and coming off a movie, Gintama’ picks up right where the first season ended more or less. The first two episodes are a hilarious parody of anime time skips with multiple references to other anime like One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. To say this season starts very strong is an understatement. The first half of this season is so far Gintama at its peak for me. Hilarious standalone episodes, funny multi-episode arcs, and an S-tier serious storyline in the Four Devas arc. Outside of that, the rest of the series another serious arc that lays the foundation for a future conflict. Gintama is still in peak shape.

A Movie for Fans – Gintama: Benizakura Arc: A New Retelling Anime Review

This movie had been teased and joked about for over 100 episodes during Gintama’s original run and it actually came out! A re-telling of Gintama’s first “serious” arc. I was looking forward to getting around to watching this movie. I really enjoyed this arc while I was watching the first series. But while this wasn’t the arc that made me fall in love with this show like it was for many ( I had already been fully engaged less than 10 episodes in). It was the arc that made me think that this series, while it was already great, had new heights it could and will go to. This review won’t have the same structure as my others cause it’s just a retold slice of the whole picture in which I already did a review of (here). Also, I’m not going to go beat by beat but I’m not being spoiler consciousness here. If you’re reading this and you haven’t watched Gintama. Watch the first series then come back and watch this movie.

10 Summer 2021 Anime to look Forward To!

Summer came around a lot faster than I thought it would. I haven’t even made a dent in the anime I was looking forward to in the spring season (post here). But looking back on that list. Spring was a great season with a mix of really good new releases and really good continuations of beloved series. Unfortunately, I don’t think that can be said for this Summer season. There’s some interesting stuff here, but as to while I left off some anime on the Spring list. I could barely get to 10 here. Nevertheless, there’s some anime here that really look interesting. But this season is looking pretty weak compared to what we got in Spring and what we’re seemingly about to get in Autumn and Winter.

An Interesting War Story – 86 Anime Review

Taking a small break in-between my Gintama watching spree. I’ve had this anime on my radar for a few months now. It was somewhere on my list of anime I was personally looking forward too during the Spring season (it was #6 actually! and you can check that list out here). Being 11 episodes, it was perfect timing to watch it now. And um, it was good.

Peak Shounen – Gintama Anime Review

So outside of my Spirited Away review, I haven’t done an anime review since the very beginning of May and there’s a reason for that! The only anime that I’ve been digesting during that period was Gintama. I watched like the first 50ish episodes all the way back in Fall 2019 and I’ve been meaning to finish the entire series for a long time. So here I am. About 7 weeks later and 151 more episodes down. I’ve finally finished Gintama (the first series). This review will be covering the first 201 episodes of Gintama before they took a one-year hiatus. Spoiler alert, I loved it.

Beloved for a Reason – Spirited Away Anime Review

It took me way too long to finally watch this movie. Seeing as I’m in the midst of watching all of Gintama (which is phenomenal btw) I kinda needed to take a break and I didn’t want to post only one blog post this month so I decided to watch a so-called classic. And to me, it really did live up to the classic and highly acclaimed status that is accumulated through the years. Spirited Away was a beautiful and refreshing experience.

Maybe My Favorite Anime Ever – Fruits Basket S2 Anime Review

I’m honestly shocked at how good this series is. At least in recent memory, I can’t recall a better anime show’s season than what I just watched. Coming into season 1, Fruits Basket was just this anime that I saw get high praise and had an interesting concept. I come out of season thinking wow this is great, I really love this. This season completely floored me in a good way. This is one of the greatest anime I’ve ever watched and this season might have made it my favorite ever.

I Wanted to Love This – Yasuke Anime Review

So I don’t know if I speak for a majority of people but certainly, I and a good bunch of people never knew the story of Yasuke. I was scrolling down twitter last summer before I came across a post talking about him and how there was gonna be a movie adaptation maybe starring Chadwick Bosman (May he rest in peace). It really piqued my interest. A black slave in Japan who rose up to become a samurai is a great story to tell. So when it was confirmed that not only is a live-action movie coming out but an anime on Netflix by MAPPA would be too? Hell yeah, I was so excited for this show. Until I saw the trailer. Then I started to get a little worried about the direction of the story and the English voice acting. Unfortunately, my worries came to be.

I Love This – Fruits Basket (2019) Anime Review

I love Fruits Basket. This review is going to me gushing over this show for however many paragraphs it takes. It’s always fun/interesting to step outside the box of genres that I primarily watch when it comes to anime. All my life all I’ve really watched and enjoyed were Shounen & Seinin anime as it just appealed to me more. But I heard the praise around this version of Fruits Basket for a while now and the premise interested me. I’m very pleased to say my interest payed off massively.

Almost Great – Bungou Stray Dogs S3 Anime Review

I really wanted to love this season. I’ve been really invested in this series as a whole for weeks now and this season was looking to be the best yet. In most regards that is true, yes this is the best season that this series has to offer so far. I’m really glad that’s the case a very underwhelming movie that released before this. The end of Season 2 and Dead Apple built a lot of hype around Dostoyevsky and what he was scheming. That build-up kind of pays off, but as with other seasons there are flaws here that bog down the whole experience. And that almost makes this season more annoying to talk about because it was so close to being great.